Antigen tests for COVID-19

Preventive testing with antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2. 
Location: building No. 8 (see map below). 
Opening hours: MON – SUN 8.00–16.00 (last patient is admitted 10 minutes before the end of the opening hours ).


Antigen test from 22.11. is not covered by health insurance.

All applicants must pay for the test according to the valid price list of self-payers.

On-site organization of Sample collection point

  1. On arrival, please head to the blue tent on the right and collect your ticket from the call system upon entering the building.
  2. At REGISTRATION, submit the required documents - identity card or passport - and you will be issued an electronic application.
  3. You will then be directed to a TEST SITE where you will be taken from the nasopharynx.
  4. The test takes 15 to 30 minutes to evaluate. Please wait for the result on the spot.
  5. After the test result you will receive instructions on how to proceed.


Test results

You will be notified of the results within 15-30 minutes. The certificate will then be generated for you via the Citizen's Vaccination Portal It is usually available within a few hours of the test result.

In case of a positive result of the antigen test, a control PCR test (diagnostic) is performed immediately. Until result od the PCR test you are ordered to by isolated. If the PCR control test is positive again, follow the applicable isolation conditions. 

If your result is positive, it is your responsibility to report the test result to your GP, who will monitor your health. If this obligation cannot be fulfilled, report your test result to the relevant regional hygienic station If you are not short of breath and symptomatic treatment is sufficient, remain in home care.

In case of worsening of the condition (worsening of breath, vomiting, dehydration), seek medical help or call an ambulance  - dial 155.

We ask patients to be considerate at the Sample collection point and to observe at least two-meter intervals in any queue. Please use protective mouthpieces (ffp2 respirators or higher) and follow basic hygiene rules.



Technical issue Reservatic: 1221

General information about Covid: 1221

Questions for Sample collection point Bulovka: nebo +420 739 515 083 (8:00- 15:30)


Where to get an antigen test for COVID-19 from the main entrance to the hospital complex from Budínova Street?

Where to get an antigen test for COVID-19 from the main entrance to the hospital complex from Budínova Street?