OPERATIONAL INFORMATION    From April 26 to July 15, construction work is underway at our clinic to expand inpatient capacity. The work is taking place on three floors simultaneously. Unfortunately, there are no extra rooms available during the renovation. We apologize for the temporary restrictions and difficult conditions when visiting the clinic.

Thank you for your understanding!
The team of the Surgical Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University

Inpatient section - 2. Floor

Chief Physician: MUDr. Pavel Ditl
Hospital Nurse: Šárka Kalinová 

Recommended Visiting Hours
Friday 15.00-17.30 
SUN-SUN 1.00-17.30

Contact. Floor (West)

Chief physician: MUDr. Josef Marx
Hospital nurse: Mgr. Věra Čermáková

Recommended visiting hours
Mon-Fri 15.00-17.30 
Sun-Sun 13.00-17.30

Contact. Jan Pertlicek
Nurse-in-Charge: Veronika Holečková

Recommended visiting hours
Mon-Fri 15.00-17.30 
Sun-Sun 13.00-17.30

Contact. 2nd floor

Chief Physician: MUDr. Jan Fulík
Clinical Nurse: Bc. Lucie Vlčková

Recommended Visiting Hours
Mon-Sun 15.00-16.00 and 19.00-20.00.00

Contact. Floor

Chief Medical Officer: MUDr. Jitka Böhmová
Head Nurse: Bc. Veronika Ploticová

Visiting Hours
Mon-Sun 15.00-16.00 and 19.00-20.00


Procedure of admission to hospital

Scheduled operations: at 9.00 am in the general outpatient department

Daily operations: at 7.00 in the general outpatient department

  1. Patient check-in:
    Patient will present documents (OP, insurance card). A completed consent for hospitalization is handed in, which is given to the patient when making an appointment for surgery.
  2. Examination in surgery:
    The doctor will check the completeness of the pre-operative examination brought by the patient from the GP. A signed consent for the operation is obtained. The attending physician assigns the patient a room in which to be admitted.
  3. Receiving the patient in the reception office:
    The receptionist processes the patient's personal information. If necessary, a sick leave slip is issued. The intake physician will complete the necessary intake documentation with the patient. The physician determines the patient's treatment plan and regimen during hospitalization.
  4. Patient's hospitalization in the ward:
    The patient is familiarized with ward operations, patient rights and daily routine in the ward.


What is recommended to take with you

  • Hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, ev. dentures in case, soap, towel, comb, shaving, deer tallow, etc.)
  • Book, magazine, reading glasses, cell phone and charger, slippers, pajamas, bathrobe, etc.


Supplementary rooms

  • Supplementary single rooms are equipped with private bathroom, refrigerator, television and telephone.
  • In case of need, there is a possibility of an extra bed.
  • Single room supplement is 1.100 CZK/night.
  • Meals are subject to the patient's dietary restrictions.