Ambulatory operation of the Eye Department

Three full-fledged operations are running simultaneously in the ambulatory premises of the Eye Department: 


General Outpatient Clinic

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-7pm.30-12.00pm
Telephone contact: +420 26608 3089 (ideally between 1pm-3pm)

Initial examinations and routine check-ups are carried out here. Patients come to the general outpatient clinic without an appointment, mainly on the recommendation of ophthalmologists in their place of residence.


Specialty Consultation

Operating Hours: MON-FRI 1pm-2pm.00 (by appointment only)
Phone contact: +420 26608 3089 (ideally between 13.00-15.00)

Special counselling clinics run concurrently throughout the working hours - patients are invited to these clinics after prior examination and appointment. These include patients with retinal diseases, glaucoma, squint (especially in children), cancer and tear duct diseases. Tear tract diseases of newborns, infants and young children are treated by appointment only, every Thursday between 1pm-2pm.

Before the examination/treatment, children need to be fasting for approximately 1 hour (not eating, drinking, or breastfeeding) and not freshly oiled.


Operations - Acute Treatment

Operating Hours: 24 hours
Phone contact: +420 26608 3090 (call outside normal office hours only) 

Treatment of acute injuries, urgent conditions (sudden loss of vision, etc.) are carried out in the premises of the ambulance on the 1st floor of Hall 3, entrance number II. The regulatory emergency fee is payable from 17.00- 7.00 and continuously on weekends and holidays. This service also includes surgery for major eye injuries.

All patients are requested to report to the outpatient clinic record room on arrival (does not apply to out-of-hours emergencies) and present a valid insurance card, in particular, changes in health insurance companies must be reported.



Take the following with you to your appointment:

  • Take a valid insurance card, any referrals from other doctors and related documents, and don't forget any glasses you use.
  • For a list of cosmetic and other procedures paid for by the patient, please see the For Patients - Eye Exams" item on the main menu of the hospital website.