Department of Internal Audit and Controlling

The following are included in the Department of Internal Audit and Controlling:

One of the long-term goals of the  Internal Audit and Controlling Department is to create a central data warehouse that will be linked to data sources from all corners of the hospital. 

This includes financial data from accounting systems, but also information relating to the production of individual clinics and departments or data from warehouse systems, modelling, controlling, information visualisation and human resources monitoring.

An analytics platform is then built on top of this information source to offer data in a user-friendly form. The information will be available not only to hospital executives and management, but also to employees who are performing their regular tasks, and some information insight will make their work easier. The aim is to create a comprehensive picture for effective management of the Bulovka University Hospital.


Head of Internal Audit and Controlling

Martin Dungl

Head of Internal Audit

Ing. Hana Ernstová

+420 603 310 586

Head of Controlling and Analytics

Ing. BcA. Šimon Štefanides

+420 725 524 764


Bc. Eva Pekárková

+420 26608 4627