About us

The Education Department provides and methodically manages the education system at Bulovka University Hospital in relation to FNB employees, other medical facilities, institutions, organizations and schools. 

Head of Education

Mgr. Alena Džupinová

+420 266 08 4646 alena.dzupinova@bulovka.cz

Technical Officer

Markéta Lopatková

+420 266 08 2532 marketa.lopatkova@bulovka.cz

Technical Officer

Gabriela Vanková

+420 266 08 2534 gabriela.vankova@bulovka.cz

Technical Officer

Jitka Smetanová

+420 266 08 2534 jitka.smetanova@bulovka.cz

The following are in particular:

  • specialization training of physicians, pharmacists and non-medical health care workers
  • professional practice in the practical part of the approbation examination - doctors
  • professional practice of students of secondary, higher vocational and universities of health care and non-health professions
  • research investigations in FNB
  • educational events for FNB employees and external candidates
  • process of accreditation of specialisation education, certified and qualification courses
  • residency grant program
  • contractual support in education
  • advisory and methodological activities


Contact: vzdelavani@bulovka.cz


FNB Accredited Disciplines: