Otorhinolaryngology Department (ENT)

We perform routine diagnostics and surgical procedures in ENT area (ear, nose and throat).  

General outpatient clinic and pediatric outpatient clinic
Mon-Fri 8.00-15.00
tel.: +420 26608 2439

Acute Emergency Ambulance
Fri 15.30-7.00
Sat, Sun, holidays continuous operation 
phone.: +420 26608 2530 
(from 7pm-7am call +420 26608 2426)

We treat patients with ENT emergencies especially bleeding, choking and trauma. Treatment is charged a regulatory fee for the use of the medical emergency service of 90 CZK. 

Mon-Fri by appointment 7am-3pm
tel: +420 26608 2433


"Modern methods,
friendly atmosphere,
and responsible approach"

MUDr. Tomáš Podlešák

Specialist Outpatient Clinics
You will be referred for a specialist appointment through our general outpatient clinic.Audiology, Phoniatry, SAS (Sleep Apnoea Syndrome), Vestibular, Otology, Rhinology, Oncology Dispensary, Throat Sonography and the Head of Department's Outpatient Clinic.

Things to bring with you to the appointment

ID, insurance card, referral from referring physician, previous x-ray if applicable, and medical professional findings.

An appointment for hearing screening:

  • hearing screening for children aged 5 years, tel.+420 26608 2433
  • newborn hearing screening, tel. Please note the appointment time. Thank you!

ONLINE ordering newborn hearing tests     ⇢

Inpatient section


Days and hours of visit: in the afternoon, Mon-Sun.

How to prepare for hospitalization
The patient is informed about the preparation for hospitalization in the outpatient section of the ENT department.

What you need to take with you to hospitalization
Identity card, insurance card, results of pre-operative examination, long-term medication, personal belongings.

Specializované ambulance


Tue 1pm-3pm, Thurs 8am-12pm (by appointment)
Phone: +420 26608 2433

We are dedicated to the diagnosis and therapy of hearing disorders.

Online appointment for BERA examination HERE.


SAS (syndrom spánkové apnoe)




Onkologická a dispenzární

Ambulance primáře oddělení (traumatologie, onkologie, onemocnění slinné a štítné žlázy)

Sonografie krku



MUDr. Tomáš Podlešák

+420 26608 2438 tomas.podlesak@bulovka.cz

vrchní sestra

Anna Ehlenová

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