Adult Emergency Room (Building No. 2)

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 7pm-6am
Sat, Sun, Sundays around the clock.

Contact:+420 283 842 222, +420 266 08 3301


Children's Emergency (building no. 2)

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 16.00-6.00
SAT, SUN, SUNDAYS round the clock.

Contact:+420 28384 2224, +420 26608 4220

In the event of your child's illness, please contact your paediatrician or their deputy in the first instance whenever possible. The paediatric emergency doctor will then provide your child with an initial examination at times when the general paediatrician is unavailable. If necessary, the emergency room physician will recommend further testing at the Children's Hospital outpatient clinic.  

The general day clinic for children can be found in the Paediatric Department of Bulovka University Hospital in building no. 15, on the 4th floor.