Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Intensive Care Unit of the Urology Department is used mainly for patients after demanding surgical procedures. 

The fully equipped unit has a total capacity of six beds, including one bed in a separate room.

Patients are admitted for more demanding uro-oncology procedures on the basis of the recommendation of the uro-oncology consortium, which falls under the Comprehensive Oncology Centre (COC) Bulovka within the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation. 

The time that patients spend in the ICU after elective surgeries is usually 1-2 days.

Instrumentation and personnel

All six beds are equipped with modern devices that ensure monitoring of physiological functions of patients. These include infusion pumps, linear dispensers, ventilators for pulmonary ventilation, ECG, defibrillator, airway humidifiers, monitors and others.

The operation of the ICU of the Urology Department is provided by certified urologists, anesthesiologist and non-medical staff.

Chief Medical Officer

Mudr. Zuzana Bonhomme Hankeová

+420 26608 4227

Station nurse

Mgr. Hana Středová

+420 26608 2260


Pracovna sester

+420 26608 2258