Institute of Radiation Oncology

The Institute of Radiation Oncology (URO) of the Bulovka University Hospital and the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University is the largest department of the Prague Comprehensive Cancer Centre. It deals with non-surgical treatment of adult solid tumours - radiotherapy, systemic treatment (chemotherapy, hormonal treatment, targeted biological therapy, immunotherapy), supportive and palliative treatment and dispensary care for oncological patients. 

ÚRO offers patients the most modern treatment procedures applied in accordance with the level of knowledge of evidence-based medicine. Treatment is based on a system of treatment protocols that are regularly updated and interdisciplinary collaboration within multidisciplinary expert teams. The department is accredited in radiation and clinical oncology.

In addition to complex oncological treatment, the Institute of Radiation Oncology

  • addresses mammary issues in their entirety, with emphasis on breast cancer; performs same-day diagnosis of mammary lesions (clinical examination, mammography, breast sonography, stereobiopsy, MRI), dispensaries at-risk patients and performs mammary lesion consultation.
  • Performs superconsolidated consultation for all types of solid tumors.
  • accepts patients for treatment who, for whatever reasons, cannot be treated in other facilities (e.g., when technical facilities are inadequate or not functioning).
  • in cooperation with the surgical clinic of the Bulovka Hospital, it provides hyperthermic cytostatic lavage of the abdominal and thoracic cavity (HIPEC, HIT-HOC).
  • Collaborates with the Radiodiagnostic Department in performing interventional methods such as RFA (radiofrequency ablation) or TACE (transarterial chemoembolization).
  • in diagnostics and treatment it cooperates with other departments of Bulovka Hospital, including very close professional cooperation with the Department of Clinical Pharmacy.
  • it is engaged in testing new drugs and treatments within the Department of Clinical Trials of the Institute of Clinical Research.
  • dispensaries patients after completion of cancer treatment.
  • trains staff at all levels (undergraduate and postgraduate training of physicians, physicists, radiology assistants).
  • it is a territorial workplace of the National Oncology Registry (NOR).
  • it cooperates with patient organizations, especially with the League Against Cancer, whose headquarters is located on the premises of the URO.


Treatment is conducted by multidisciplinary expert teams according to individual diagnostic groups with the participation of specialists from surgical and diagnostic fields. Treatment protocols are developed for all tumour types, based on evidence-based medicine data and our own clinical experience. Treatment results are regularly compiled and compared with results from developed countries and are published in national and international journals. The long-term results of treatment of URO patients are comparable to those of developed countries in Europe and the USA.


  • Ambulatory Department is located in Hall 6 and includes 13 outpatient clinics and a state-of-the-art inpatient unit for the administration of systemic anticancer therapy. 
  • Hospital Department has a capacity of 60 beds in three inpatient stations, which are located in Hall 6 (1., 2. and 3. floor). 
  • Radiotherapy Department, which plans and performs treatment with teleradiotherapy (external radiation) and brachyradiotherapy (internal radiation), is located in Hall 16.