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Psychological support should be a routine part of comprehensive health care

In a hospital setting, psychosocial support is very important and sought after. Patients and their loved ones often have to cope with serious diagnoses, and hospital staff face a lot of pressure and stress. There is a team of clinical psychologists, crisis interventionists and peers for everyone at Bulovka. How they help in practice is explained by Mgr. Marcela Krejčí from the Department of Clinical Psychology at the FNB.

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Rehabilitation significantly improves the quality of life of cancer patients

Psyche, pain and fatigue - these are the three most limiting factors for oncology patients. Bulovka University Hospital is a specialized oncology center,

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Bulovka launched eHealth patient portal
24. 1. 2024

Bulovka University Hospital has launched the eHealth patient portal with the new year. Patients can access their health information from Bulovka very easily, logging in via the National Identity Authority (NIA) or using their bank identity.

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In the last five years, enough babies have been born in Bulovka to fill a new district town
15. 1. 2024

The Midwifery Centre at the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic and the Neonatology Department of the FNB has been changing its approach to pregnant and childbearing women and its overall view of low-risk births since 2019. What has been achieved during this time and in what direction will obstetrics at Bulovka continue to develop? Prof. Michal Zikán, M.D., Ph.D., Head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague, speaks about childbirth, communication with parents and midwife education.

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Discussion on the modification of green areas in the Bulovka area brought concrete suggestions
12. 1. 2024

On Thursday, 11 January, a meeting was held with employees and the general public over the planned modifications to the greenery on the grounds of the Bulovka University Hospital.

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