Radiophysics Department

The Radiophysics Department of Bulovka University Hospital provides the hospital with the medical field of radiological physics and radiological technology. The basic mission of the department is the systematic management of the physical-technical aspects of the process of medical irradiation in treatment and diagnosis with the use of ionizing radiation.

Our department provides services in radiological physics and radiation protection for the Institute of Radiation Oncology of Bulovka University Hospital and 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, for the Radiodiagnostic Clinic of Bulovka University Hospital and 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.LF UK and for other departments of the hospital that use sources of ionizing radiation in their activities.


In radiotherapy, physicists design radiation treatment plans for patients and subsequently verify individual dose distributions in the patient's body, continuously testing and adjusting the parameters of therapeutic beams and sources of ionizing radiation to ensure quality and safe dosing of radiation treatment. Physicists' activities also include supervising the radiation protection of workers.


In radiodiagnostics, the basic task of physicists is to ensure the quality of the instruments and examination and treatment methods with the aim of optimizing radiation protection of patients and the quality of the images obtained, as well as continuous monitoring of radiation protection of workers and providing estimates of the radiation burden of patients.


Supervision within the meaning of the Act on Radiation Protection. 18/1997 (Atomic Act) over radiation protection during use of ionizing radiation sources

RFO also ensures radiation protection of hospital staff in organizational and administrative aspects and professionally supports workplaces in issues related to ionizing radiation sources. The team of RFO staff is involved in the implementation of legislative requirements for the use of ionizing radiation sources at Bulovka University Hospital.


Providing education of other specialists in the field of radiological physics with nationwide scope

In spring 2013, the Radiological Physics in Radiotherapy Certified Course was accredited by the Bulovka Hospital and is provided by the Radiophysics Department. The course is part of the specialisation training of radiological physicists in the Czech Republic. Five staff members of the Radiophysics Department are dedicated to preparing their colleagues in the certified course and pass on their experience so that the course participants can successfully pass the specialisation (certification) examination in their field.




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