Urgent Intake Department

The telephone contact for the department: +420 26608 4525

Urgent admission provides care for acutely ill or injured patients whose condition requires diagnosis and initiation of treatment in the shortest possible time. This is the so-called high emergency admission admission for patients with failing basic life functions or in immediate danger of life.

The capacity of the facility is seven fully monitored beds for intensive and resuscitation care, with three beds with artificial lung ventilation capability. There is also one bed that meets all the requirements for a hygienic and epidemiological regime for potentially infectious patients.

The premises include a fully equipped operating theatre with the possibility of performing any procedure aimed at saving the patient's life - a modern laparoscopic tower, cell-saver (device for blood loss recovery), anaesthesiological facilities, etc.

The advantage of emergency admission is availability of all radiological modalities of examination in one building - X-ray, CT, MRI.

This department is involved in practical training of students in the field of paramedic and specialisation training programme in anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care medicine for nurses in cooperation with medical faculties. We also have accreditation for specialization training in emergency medicine.



MUDr. Josef Škola, Ph.D., EDIC


Head of the Emergency Department

MUDr. Ivana Zýková, EDIC


Vedoucí NLZP

Bc. Svatopluk Žáček

+420 26608 4525 svatopluk.zacek@bulovka.cz